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and will you tell all your friends you got your gun to my head ! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[26 Jul 2004|03:59am]

Wowwww. This journal is olddd. i missss my friends i had on this journal. COMMENT IN MY NEW JOURNAL AND Adddddd me !!




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[08 Jul 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


_dancexmothafux _dancexmothafux





New journal !!

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For those of you who fucked me over and didn't add my other live journal ! Hehehe <3 [24 Jun 2004|01:46am]
Kristin is here. Weeee ! I <3 her. We took some pictures. Yeah.

what's down there, man ?! (=

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Dude, me and kristin rode chairs with wheels down hills last night at like 4 in the morning. Fun time. Me and Marcus are going to ride down hills on chairs and ductape pillows to our stomachs and ankles. Sweet. <3
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[17 Jun 2004|02:40am]
I picked you out of a crowd and talked to you.

I said, "I like your shoes."
You said, "Thanks can I follow you?"
So it's up the stairs and out of view-
No prying eyes
I poured some wine
I asked your name, you asked the time...
Now it's two o'clock-
the club is closed and we're up the block
Your hands on me; pressing hard against your jeans
Your tongue in my mouth, trying to keep the words from coming out
You didn't care to know who else may have been you before

I want a lover I don't have to love.
I want a girl too sad to give a fuck.
Where is the kid with the chemicals?
I thought he said to meet him here, but I'm not sure
I got the money if you've got the time

You said, "It feels good."
I said, "I'll give it a try."

Then my mind went dark..
we both forgot where your car was parked
Let's just take the train
I'll meet up with the band in the morning
Bad actors with bad habits
Some sad singers they just play tragic
and the phone's ringing and the van's leaving
Let's just keep touching; let's just keep, keep singing...

I want a lover I don't have to love
I want a boy so drunk he doesn't talk
There is the kid with the chemicals
I have a hunger and I can't seem to get full
I need some meaning I can memorize
The kind I have always seem to slip my mind

But you..But you...
you write
such pretty words
But life's no storybook
Love's an excuse to get hurt
and to hurt

Do you like to hurt?
I do, I do
then hurt me..then hurt me...then hurt me...

<3 This bright eyes song is so awesome. I <3 it

i can't wait till' saturday.
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[15 Jun 2004|05:22pm]

<3 hahahahhahaha

we're cooler then youCollapse )
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[09 Jun 2004|02:22pm]


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[07 Jun 2004|05:56pm]

you fucking bitches that didn't adddd me yetttt  doooo ittt !!! yeahhhh





my_murderscene my_murderscene my_murderscene
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[07 Jun 2004|05:55pm]
you fucking bitches that didn't adddd me yetttt doooo ittt !!!


my_murderscene my_murderscene my_murderscene
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[07 Jun 2004|05:52pm]

you fucking bitches that didn't adddd me yetttt  doooo ittt !!!





my_murderscene my_murderscene my_murderscene
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[06 Jun 2004|06:51pm]
if you still need to add my new journal, my_murderscene , add it hoe's. <3
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[04 Jun 2004|07:57pm]


my_murderscene my_murderscene my_murderscene

my_murderscene my_murderscene my_murderscene my_murderscene my_murderscene



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wait, they don't love you like i love you <3 [04 Jun 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Six flags tonight. Yayyyyyyy ! <3

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carve your name into my arm <3 [01 Jun 2004|07:22pm]
My dog is sick. It makes me sad ;[. I love my doggggg. The vet said she's not going to live long. I feel bad for her. She really has no motivation to move at all. She just lays in one spot. She won't even wag her tail. *sigh*

On a better note, i'm going to six flags friday for the chorus trip. yayayaya.

I'm posting some hott pictures.

I want this poster so bad.

teh.sex.Collapse )

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check it. [31 May 2004|09:22pm]


Me and Irene at the social:) Kristin, Me, and Tara at Denny's after the social. Tara used her camera for those social shots. I still need my camera developed and i will scan the pictures. <3
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you can burn those pictures. [31 May 2004|12:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i love the goonies. thanks. ♥

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whoa whoa whoa <3 [30 May 2004|07:35pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. Irene and I decided to go too Blands for the day. We arrived at the park around 2 or 3 maybe. It was pretty fun. It wasn't that hot out. Twords the evening it got kind of cold so we were freezing our a's off. Yay. Well, we met this kid because randomly Irene decides to wave at him. He walked over and sat with us while we were eating some fries. He was annoying. He walked around with us for awhile and he wanted me to ride the space odisy (sp) with him. So i did. He tried to make moves on me. Dude, no. That was not cool. He was an all out jerk. He knew me for what ? twenty mintues. I kind of hit him. Eh, he sucks. We got rid of him eventually by .. uh running away from him. I think he got the hint that we didn't want him around. After we got to my house around eh .. 8:30 or so.. we went and jumped on my trampoline. Well, Josh and Jon said they were walking up at like 1:30 in the morning. I didn't think they were seriously going to walk that far. But they did. They got here at like two in the morning and Jon, Josh, Irene, and I all went out on my trampoline. Man, it was the funniest most amusing thing ever. Some of the things we said/did. Haha. It was fun. Eventually we all just kind of layed there. Jizz fell asleep and i slapped him. He was yelling at the birds too. lolzzz. It was ..interesting. I was laying with Jon. We both kind of started to fall asleep. But we didn't get completely there. It was so cold. Josh walked up with a blanket around his waist and this odd looking jacket. Pretty funny stuff. If my camera wasn't a fag i would have totally took pictures. It's a laugh. Well, around 4:30 Jon and Josh decided they should head home, considering it took them like.. 1 in a half too 2 hours to get to my house from Jon's dad's. Fun day.

I am bored now. I need something too do.


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[29 May 2004|01:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

I don't feel like getting into detail about the social but it was a fun time. Very eventful, an impossible updatable, time.

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goodbye, mothefucker. [27 May 2004|05:03pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Well, yesterday Lauren happened to write a five page note to Tara talking shit on me. Well, Tara lost it and it got too me. Hmmm, Lauren.. she's so great. Such a friend. Psht. I hope she feels like shit. She's in for a rude awakening. She'll has no more friends to treat like shit.

Here's some of teh convo me and my dear friend, Lauren had.


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[26 May 2004|07:46pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i'm the lead singer of my band i make all the BOYS want to take off their underpants. i'm the lead singer of my band my salsa makes all the pretty boys want to dance ♥

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motha. [25 May 2004|10:08pm]
I had a great day. I went to the mall with Kristin and Irene. We headed to the arcade. I'm getting so much better at d-tech. I'm not imler style, of course. He owns. Haha. But, i can beat.. mambo number five, livin la vida loca, bilomas(sp), wish bone.. haha or whatever it is, maria, and a few others i could never do before and brandon gave us free games! It was whoa rad. After that we went to FYE. We talked to Derek. He's a nice guy. Funny. He gave me his number. I'll probally call him sometime. He seems like a cool guy to hang out with. Yes. Fun. Well, not much to say.

School = 7 days!

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